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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Vote for Fort Worth's Best (New) All Around Restaurant

The Assistant Manager,
Tony Hayman.
My vote for best new all around Fort Worth, Texas restaurant in 2014 (never thought I would say this based off the Dallas location in NorthPark) is...wait for it...Kona Grill!

Situated on the corner of 7th and University Drive, this place has great views from the inside out.

The food was fantastic, atmosphere contemporary-chic (whatever that means), and the place kid-friendly. See Tony here? He checked on my son several times. Then the chef came out three times to high-five him.

The place is like a theme park for adults too with their indoor water features, LED-tipped cosmetic trees and fish tanks at eye level. It was loud enough that my 2-year-old could make monkey mating calls and not offend others, but not too loud that I couldn't hear my sister and mother speak.

"My toddler and my tummy were in heaven." 

Then there was the food. It was the best. I got the Miso-Saké Sea Bass with shrimp and pork fried rice and a side of Pan-Asian ratatouille. It was perfectly prepared. I order sea bass almost everywhere I go, and this place got the flakes and flavor just right.

Their kid's menu was brilliant and had many not-so-unhealthy options. My 2-year-old's food was served in an unbreakable massive bento box that he couldn't throw at me (too heavy). It was filled with sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese penne pasta, panko-crusted chicken fingers and a fresh orange carved into the shape of a teddy bear.  WHAAAT? (I know, you wanted to eat that teddy? Me too). Loved it...until he dipped it in ketchup and savored every last bight. Oranges and ketchup, really?
Child's Bento Box (teddy orange in top left mom thought it was a starfish...see below information).

Not to forget that Wednesdays are half-price-bottle-of-wine night, which we didn't know about until we arrived. My mother ordered the table a bottle of Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay (mostly for herself). I guess all moms need a break.

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