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FW's Poserkids’ Camp with Mister Mateo: The Last Hurrah?

By Jocelyn Tatum

“Hey Jet, do you remember going to that kids’ yoga class outside on the river by Press Café?”

(His eyes light up)

“Oh yea!”

“Did you like it?”

“I did!”

“What did you like about it?”

“Ohhhhh, the list is so long it could take me all day.”

My 5-year-old leans back in his chair over a mommy-son lunch date and crosses his arms as if it may actually take him all day.

I had found out that “Mister Mateo” (Mateo Marquez) is hosting his last summer camp next week and still has a few spots left. I was feeling my son out to see if he would be interested. 

“I liked it when we played crack the egg.”

(He is now smiling ear to ear remembering this one). 

He’s referring to when Mister Mateo had the children curl up in a ball with eyes closed. He went over to tap them when it was time to crack, which was timely for Easter weekend. Then each child opened their eyes to a surprise egg with a piece of candy inside. 

“I also liked the peanut butter-and-jelly pose and that he did all of the poses with us. He made me laugh a lot.”

And that he did. I remember thinking that this man was one of the silliest grownups I’d encountered, but the kids loved it. I loved it, too, laughing along with the children the whole time.

I am amazed my son remembered all of this with a smile after a 30-minute free yoga class on the river in April (four months ago!). It obviously made an impression. Even better, Mister Mateo has so much more than yoga planned for his last big hurrah summer camp after years of engaging parents and children alike in mindfulness, respect and nutrition. 

Each day, from 8 a.m. to noon July 24-28 at the ClearFork Food Park (1541 Merrimac Cir, FW, 76107), he starts with 45-minute yoga sessions to set mindfulness in motion. He then has variations of fitness, core values, creative arts and nutrition planned for each day bringing in big Fort Worth names to showcase their expertise (see below).

The camp is discounted from $250 to $199 — a steal considering the thoughtful planning that went into this camp, in my opinion. I can’t wait for my son to experience this before Mister Mateo takes PoserKids (yoga and more) on the road.

And while Mateo said the “PoserKids mothership” will stick around, Fort Worth will miss him as he journeys out to spread his mindfulness mission with children around the world.  So sign up while he has a few spots left. Camp starts Monday!

Click here to sign up!

A few things he has planned for his one-of-a-kind summer camp:
“Every day there is an outside fitness activity, creative arts activity and cooking/nutrition activity that results in the campers creating their own lunch. All of our presentations daily are thematically based on one of the four PoserPromises.”

Here are just a few guest presenters these kiddos will be privileged to encounter (Mister Mateo's words below):

·      Erin Wilde, Mrs. Fort Worth, Hank FM morning radio show host, anchor of our PoserPulse news program: will be talking to kids about being respectful, starting with yourself and doing your best in all things as you work to achieve your goals. 

·      Texas Food Guy (his social media moniker) aka Jason Wynn: will be doing some culinary creation with the campers and talking about having fun in all of your endeavors, including making nutrition fun.

·      Katsük, aka Daniel Katsuk, local musician that has done an acoustic cover of our theme song and co started in the video we did with pat green. He will accompany me last day for a live, finale version of our yoga sequence that is embedded in our theme song which he will play live as I teach. This focus is on the promise To Listen, our first and most difficult PoserPromise.

·      Marcos Santos, Marcos Santos Academy: local Brazilian jiu jitsu guru that has trained with chuck Norris, the Gracie family and others and does amazing work with children and is a dad just like Jason, Daniel and myself (Erin a momma, too). Marcos and Daniel have done their thing at all five summers of PoserCamp. Marcos focuses on doing your best and we work an anti-bullying/pro-kindness angle and the promise to Be Respectful.

*  Meditation with MeddyTeddy, a huge internet sensation!

·      Frederick Cowlah, artist, making masks to talk to the kids about being ourself and putting your best self forward

·      Elyse Calhoun, artist, will make mosaics with the kiddos

·      Gracyn (Mateo’s Daughter) slime making

·      Suzanne Watson, illustrator for our Children’s books, will help kiddos with their PoserPassports, their scrapbooks that document their week to take home and share with families.

·      Ashton Scally, gong, will accompany Daniel and Mateo for last yoga finale on Friday
·      FW Food and Wellness, Emily Fiala, cooking and nutrition

·      Body Bar Fort Worth (Kamille McCollum) and Pilates Concept (Sarah Singarella Cornett) Pilates

·      Fit 4 Mom Fort Worth, will stroller stride with us on our hike to Poser Rock along the trinity trails

·      Deb Callaway, Zumba

Photograph by Amber Shumake


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