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Will Fort Worth Have a Food Park this Fall?

The only things sprouting in this 105-degree desert atmosphere are food trucks. Not the dirty, fried-everything food trucks but creative gourmet trucks that won't have you reaching for the Imodium.

Soon there may be a place where a bundle of these can park and grow their businesses together.

It's not new news. I'm sure you've read on the other Fort Worth blogs there is a potential food truck park moving in behind the Target on West Seventh and Carroll.  I sat down with the man behind the idea, Chris Kruger, to ask him about the park and the upcoming Fort Worth City Council meeting where the park's fate will be decided.

First, what can we expect to see at this meeting? Nine board members will hear Chris' case, which he has seven minutes to present. The people opposing have seven minutes as well. The board members will vote right then and there.  Chris needs seven out of nine votes to have his food park approved. There will also be time where you can add your two …

Ray's Prime Steak and Seafood

I'm a picky eater. Don't get me wrong ... I'll eat anything, but I won't eat it cold if it's supposed to be hot and vice versa.

My thing is that a restaurant has a very specific job: food. If that is your specialty, all I ask is that you prepare it well, serve it hot and in a timely manner.  This is like climbing Everest for some restaurants.

I also prefer a suitable atmosphere and service minus the side of attitude. You serve so get over it! This is what you do!

Ray's Prime Steak and Seafood got it right. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was warm and cozy. The carpeted floor absorbed a lot of the noise so I could hear my twin sister, brother-in-law and my husband talk. Most importantly, the food was delicious and just the right temperature.

And the best part was that it isn't crazy expensive for what you're getting. It's hard to find a nice steakhouse that doesn't blow up your wallet. However I was a little thrown off by the woman a…

Park Hill Café

Newsflash: It's hot outside, and sometimes I crave cool foods like sushi, fruit, salad and cold sandwiches. I was on the other side of town helping a friend move and remembered my favorite summer sandwich was close by at Park Hill Café.

I first met this sandwich ten years ago and we are still in a healthy relationship. It has mushrooms, red onions, bright red and juicy tomatoes, thinly sliced green apples and lettuce stuffed in soft wheat bread. What makes this sandwich is a cream cheese dijon mustard combo they spread on the bread. (I always stuff my Lay's potato chips inside the sandwich for a salty crunch. It is so good with the apples.)

This lunch even inspired me to go back the next day to help my friend pack.

P.S. The quaint neighborhood hangout recently started serving a fantastic brunch. I recommend the brunch eggs. The homemade breakfast breads and hash brown casserole come with the meal. My only complaint is that the atmosphere isn't amazing, but it's comforta…

"Tools for Tomorrow"

As I was leaving Starbucks this morning I saw this box. I've noticed it for at least a couple of weeks and it hasn't been filled yet. The small sheet of paper glued to the measuring piece is a list of supplies needed for donation. 
 So I looked inside surprised to find this.

I immediately thought about the state of our education system in Texas. Have we given up? Or are only those who have children in school paying attention? Because it will affect all of us in some way or another.

I know this doesn't have to do with food or things to do, but it does have to do with Fort Worth. This image was definitely a gadfly for me.

This blog has a new email!

Feel free to contact me with any concerns, questions, ideas or just to say hi.

Out with the new and back with the old

UPDATE: Hui Chuan sold and has been renamed Little Lilly Sushi. It has an entirely new menu. 

Any time a child gets a new toy they seem to forget about the old one. Nothing is wrong with the old toy, it's just not new. The Toy Story movies are all about this phenomenon.

It's hard to keep the modern human's attention for very long and Fort Worth has received many new and flashy toys lately: bowling alleys, restaurants galore, shops and more. With that we've forgotten about our older friends, like one of Fort Worth's original sushi joints – Hui Chuan on West Camp Bowie.

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the new places and they have something different to offer. But nothing compares to the friendliness, intimate atmosphere, calming music and fresh fish like Hui Chuan. It is still my favorite place to eat, especially when craving Super White Tuna sashimi. It comes with a light sauce and a jalapeno sliver. The fish never tastes ... well, fishy.

Today I checked ou…

I Love Fort Worth's Backyard

The only time I can stand to be outside right now is at 7 a.m. when I hit the trails for a jog or walk. This morning I loved seeing this kayaker. It reminded me that we don't have to live in Colorado to enjoy the outdoors (although it helps).  I like to see people enjoying Fort Worth's backyard.

Pie Five doesn't get a high five from me

I have a small voice, and it embarrasses me when I have to yell to place my order. Not only did I have to scream my order at the loud McPizza joint, but the rude staff at Pie Five on West 7th actually told me to order faster.

"You can order your toppings faster you know," said the man behind the counter who almost received a black eye from moi.

"I bet I can, but I'm figuring out my toppings as I look through your pretty glass case ... you really need to be nicer," I said. I was ticked.

As I waited for my pizza to go through the conveyer belt oven, I noticed the place was louder than loud,  really hot and flies peppered the tables. I had to dine in because I was short on time, but wasn't excited about it.

I tried this place a few weeks ago and the staff was a bit nicer but not patient. There were so many options before you even get to the toppings: the crust thickness, garlic sauce, alfredo sauce or marinara sauce. I needed help figuring out what tasted goo…

Independence Day in Fort Worth

Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic
When: doors open at 11:30 and festivities start noon July 4
Where: Billy Bob's in Fort Worth
How much: tickets are $35 at the door
Who: click here to see the schedule of artists

Old Fashioned Family Fireworks and Picnic
When: 8 p.m. July 4
Where: Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
What: Concert in the Gardens
How much: $16 for lawn pass (kiddos under 10 are free)

City of Fort Worth
When: 4:30 p.m. Monday July 4
Where: Trinity River Levee behind LaGrave field (601 N.E. Sixth St.)
What: games, water activities, pony rides and music
How much: free!

There is always a family barbecue or lake house to take it easy with your loved ones and friends. Whatever you do, remember those who died and are still dying for our independence. Happy 4th of July!!!

What are you doing for the 4th?