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Fort Worth's Backyard

Fort Worth has the most beautiful backyard (aka the Trinity Trails), but it took me 20 years to discover it.

For high school graduation I got an awesome mountain bike, which I used to ride around in neighborhoods and through parks. One day I decided to go outside of my comfort zone, which was Overton Park and Foster Park, and head out into the wide open. I was amazed. Fort Worth had a huge backyard that I had never seen, or even heard of. I felt like a little kid ready to explore the unknown.

 "Should I head east or west?" I asked myself before my first journey. East would probably take me to familiar territory so I felt most comfortable with that decision. I ended up behind my favorite Starbucks on University Drive. A little further I ended up by Forest Park. When I got home I realized I had a lot more territory to cover so this was going to take the whole summer. I bought some biking shorts and a CamelBak to make it official.

Next time I ventured west toward Bryant Irvin ro…