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Showing posts from March 17, 2011

A Day Trip to France (I meant Dallas)

My friend and I both teach thus both get to celebrate spring break. She lives in Dallas, and I never get to see her so I decided to drive to Dallas and find a spot where we could sit on the patio for hours, eat good food and sip on Chardonnay as we dive into what’s going on in today’s world. I had a place in mind already.
I lived in Dallas last year. A few evenings a week my husband and I would jog the Katy Trail and pass by this place called Toulouse. I can’t describe the herb-frites-butter smell that exited out the back of that building and interrupted my runs, but was offensive and delightful at the same time. I envied the people who dallied on the bustling patio for long hours drinking wine and solving the world’s problems while I jogged past in pain. My friend and I were going there, and the jogging attire was left at home. 
There was one tiny table left on the patio, which seems to be the most popular spot in the place. The atmosphere inside and out felt European (for lack of bett…