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Little Lilly Sushi

Although it may look the same as Fort Worth's original sushi joint, Little Lilly Sushi is a different animal (or fish) in a novel way.

It's in the same location and has the same chummy atmosphere as the former Hui Chuan but a crisp carte du jour. The 24-year-old blooming chef, Jesus Garcia, created the menu and plays with it weekly to keep his job amusing and see what works for his customers.

And trust me, it's DELICIOUS. So good that it inspired me to write on my food blog for the first time since I had my baby. He's 11 months old.

While there are a few items that stay on the menu (like my favorite Hamachi Zest roll), he adds treats every week to keep things interesting. Check out their Facebook page under the "current fish selection" album to see what's fresh and what Jesus is experimenting with this week.

If ever confused by the contents, Chef Garcia explains all of his creations to his customers with zeal. He observes what they like and dislike and ma…