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Showing posts from July 21, 2011

Park Hill Café

Newsflash: It's hot outside, and sometimes I crave cool foods like sushi, fruit, salad and cold sandwiches. I was on the other side of town helping a friend move and remembered my favorite summer sandwich was close by at Park Hill Café.

I first met this sandwich ten years ago and we are still in a healthy relationship. It has mushrooms, red onions, bright red and juicy tomatoes, thinly sliced green apples and lettuce stuffed in soft wheat bread. What makes this sandwich is a cream cheese dijon mustard combo they spread on the bread. (I always stuff my Lay's potato chips inside the sandwich for a salty crunch. It is so good with the apples.)

This lunch even inspired me to go back the next day to help my friend pack.

P.S. The quaint neighborhood hangout recently started serving a fantastic brunch. I recommend the brunch eggs. The homemade breakfast breads and hash brown casserole come with the meal. My only complaint is that the atmosphere isn't amazing, but it's comforta…

"Tools for Tomorrow"

As I was leaving Starbucks this morning I saw this box. I've noticed it for at least a couple of weeks and it hasn't been filled yet. The small sheet of paper glued to the measuring piece is a list of supplies needed for donation. 
 So I looked inside surprised to find this.

I immediately thought about the state of our education system in Texas. Have we given up? Or are only those who have children in school paying attention? Because it will affect all of us in some way or another.

I know this doesn't have to do with food or things to do, but it does have to do with Fort Worth. This image was definitely a gadfly for me.