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Showing posts from April 6, 2011

Laura Bush Visits Fort Worth Bookstore

Since part of my shtick is writing about cool things in Fort Worth, I had to write about this one. First Lady Laura Bush was in Fort Worth yesterday (April 5) signing her national bestseller, Spoken From the Heart. Men and women were lined up for hours to get their hands on the paperback and meet the western beauty.
But there is a better part to this story. Since I had a VIP pass I got to stand in a short line with some fascinating Fort Worth people. (No, the VIP pass is not the better part of this story ... hold on). The only person I knew in the "cool line" was Fort Worth artist, Cindi Holt, so I stuck by her and played solitaire on my iPhone to look like I had people to email. Dang. Why do I get so nervous going to crowded events alone? Probably because I'm normal, despite what the Paxil commercials tell you.

Side note: You may be wondering how an unimportant person like me got a VIP pass. Because people did ask. Ugh. One of my husband’s business contacts in Dallas thou…