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Breakfast at Taco Heads is Amazing!

The best breakfast taco I've had is from the Taco Heads food truck on West Seventh and Carroll Street.

I've had a lot of breakfast tacos, but this one reels me back almost every day. It's embarrassing actually. And I don't order one, but two.

The eggs don't taste like they've been sitting under a warmer for hours. They are perfectly scrambled every time and spill out of the warm, grilled flour tortilla (corn tortillas are also available). Taco Heads doesn't skimp on the shredded sharp cheddar cheese that's sprinkled all over the top either.

The bacon isn't rubbery or undercooked; it's thick and crispy. And the fresh, finely chopped pico adds another layer of flavor to finish off my favorite breakfast taco. The tacos come with their light, spicy verde sauce. You must at least try a bite with this tummy concoction.

Taco Heads just started serving breakfast Aug. 6, and I couldn't be happier. The only thing is I need to tack on an extra hour to m…