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Showing posts from May 10, 2011

Fort Worth has a New Place to Relax: Yogis R Us

I walk through the front doors and up the stairs toward the back of the building. I turn into an intimate room where the air is comfortable and lukewarm. A meditational chant hums in the background. The sound is known as an Om, and it lulls me into a tranquil place before we even get started. I feel safe.

I'm in the new yoga studio, Yogis R Us, on Magnolia. Fort Worth native Brynn Byrne launched the studio February 2011 after years of studying and teaching yoga coast to coast and internationally. She moved back home to fill a need in Fort Worth for a holistic and therapeutic approach to yoga. With a focus on life enhancement through deep meditation and exercise, her goal is to assist clients in "accessing their best self."

I've taken a generic yoga class here and there, but wanted to know what made Yogis are Us different.

The moment I met Brynn I noticed she was antithetical to the typical modern man. She was calm, pensive and reflective while not somber or stern. He…