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Showing posts from August 21, 2011

Sugar Cookies at Harper's Bluebonnet Bakery

When I was a little girl my mom surprised us with treats.

We would come home from school to find a snickers in the kitchen, some sparkle lip gloss on our pillow or my favorite treat — sugar cookies from the best bakery in town.

Not only did they taste brilliant, but the cookies always highlighted a theme in Fort Worth (like TCU football is here), a holiday or season.

In the fall we would find brown, red and orange autumn leaves, black or purple bats, orange pumpkins and black witches on broomsticks in a white box on our kitchen counter.

Since then my mom has moved away, and now in my late twenties I try not to eat snickers and cookies every afternoon. But the other day she came in for my brother's birthday and brought me a box of these butterflies and T-shirts.

I recommend stopping by Harper's Bluebonnet Bakery's new location and trying one. I have eaten the whole box in a matter of days.