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CrossFit in Fort Worth

You may or may not have heard about CrossFit. If you do it, you probably love it. If you've only heard about it, you may be intimidated. I tried it out and am here to give you the scoop.

Is it hard? Yes. Is it extremely fun? Yes. Do you ever get bored? No.

I love physical fitness but have found running to be monotonous. I've never lifted weights or done pushups or sit ups because I think they are boring as well.

I started running in Fort Worth events (Turkey Trot, Friends of the Trinity, Cowtown, etc) to change things up and reach new goals. I even bought a bike to mix it up a bit, but I always find that I'm looking for more.  Like a puppy, I need to get tons of energy out or I'll be running in circles in my living room.

I finally found something that engaged and challenged me on a new level when I started a bootcamp two months ago. It focused on core strength and the trainer changed the workout every session. I thought it was really fun but was bummed when it was ove…