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Fort Worth's Jazz Café: an oh-so-good, eclectic dining experience

We decided to break away from our usual breakfast place this weekend and went to Jazz Café. I hadn’t been in years and forgot how good it was.  This place is really popular for lunch, but you must try the breakfast if you haven't already.
I went with the S.O.B. eggs, which reminds me of migas (but better). The eggs are scrambled with tons of cheese and tortilla strips.  The fresh cilantro, tomatoes and onions I sprinkled over the top gave it an extra kick. The S.O.B. comes with black beans, sour cream, fresh pico, and two flour tortillas. And I hear some of the ingredients come from the owner’s garden at home.
My husband got the ham and cheese omelet. His exact words: “I don’t say this often, but this was the best omelet I’ve ever had.” He liked the “soft” on the inside and “crispy” on the outside eggs, the big chunky and salty ham, and the generous portion of cheese. His plate came with homemade biscuits. Of course I stole one. It was very sweet and delicious like a honey biscuit.…