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Fort Worth's Community Gardens

Cruising through Fort Worth's south side I passed a sign that read "Fairmount Community Garden" with a list of sponsors below it.

What is a community garden? I wondered. According to the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) website, it is any plot of land gardened by a group of people. It can be urban, suburban and it can have flowers or vegetables.

Located on 5th just across from Fairmount Park, Fort Worth's neighborhood garden has 76 leased plots, director Susan Harper said.

Harper said Andrew Schoolmaster, TCU's dean of liberal arts, and Paul Paine, Fort Worth South, Inc. president, approached her in 2008 to start the garden. It took them two years to get everything together because it was the first and only community garden of its kind in Fort Worth. There was some red tape.

Schoolmaster (what a name for a dean) is an urban geographer, so it made sense to him that Fort Worth needed a spot like this.

The community garden has a few plots for children w…