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I've been going to Mayfest since I was in my mom's tummy. She used to volunteer with the Junior League setting up and working the booths. We went EVERY year and the happy memories have stayed with me ever since.

I can hardly wait to see what the logo will look like every year. I'm a huge fan of this year's—it has a simple vintage flair. I still wish I had all of the T-shirts I collected over the years. I especially loved one from the early 80s with butterflies on it.

Beyond the shirts, how could I forget getting my face painted like a little animal or the wood crafting section.  It was my favorite! Building doll houses and tables made me feel like I do and could make anything.  Smashing confetti eggs on cute boys' heads was the BEST way to flirt in middle school. Face painting, Dippin Dots and turkey legs never got old. I loved getting dressed up for the dance recitals we performed in.

As an adult, we drink a beer and mingle with old friends. This is always a good …

Wine, Flowers and More Wine ... Fredericksburg, TX Road Trip in Spring

Pop! The first bottle of wine to be consumed spits its cork out. We pour our first glass, sigh and settle into our adorable rent house just off Llano street in Fredericksburg, Texas. 

Our first stop in this little German getaway is dinner at The Nest. The cozy house-converted restaurant has everything to offer from fresh fish shipped that day to rack of lamb. The atmosphere was delightful and comfortable, and the service was punctual but not bothersome. 
I ordered the salmon smothered in a rich garlic sauce with a side of sauteed spinach and roasted beets. The salmon was falling apart tender and cooked to perfection. The sides complimented it perfectly. And most importantly, it was piping hot when brought to the table. For those of you who know me, if it's not hot, I can't enjoy it. I know, first world problems, but nevertheless, important. 
I also tried my friend's turnip mash potatoes. AMAZING. They were still the white fluffy old friends we are used to but with an added…