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Magnolia Brew Pub by Carlo

A small-framed man with huge piercing blue eyes, fair skin and a thick Italian accent stands in the middle of an unfinished brewery on Magnolia just next to SiNaCa glass blowing studio. He's covered in dirt and sweat. His name is Carlo, and yes, he's the man behind the pub's moniker.

A loud generic beer truck pulls up in front of his place. An older man with a mustache and a uniform pops out to meet the owner of the pub. He asks when Carlo was going to get his liquor license so he could sell Carlo beer. Carlo grins and politely tells the man he won't be selling that kind of beer.

The distributor seemed surprised. He kept pushing as if Carlo would change is his mind, but he stood his ground as he wiped sweat from his brow. Carlo is mostly brewing his own beer.

Carlo moved here from Torino, Italy. He said in the last ten years microbreweries are popping up all over his native country. They brew and sell European-inspired beer from the likes of Germany, Belgium, etc. He …