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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Gallery Night at Artspace 111 (a photo essay)

Events at this venue are always a good time. I'm always impressed with the art and the turnout. Here is a peek at the evening. All art and music was from local artists.

Artist Nancy Lamb getting her photo taken from over head. Her paintings  are behind her. 

A peek at Cindi Holt's Big Bend series. 

Dennis Blagg

Daniel Blagg
Oh Whitney and the Assisted Livers

* This band is fantastic. I love hearing them play. Keep checking their website to see when they will be in Fort Worth next. They play somewhat often here because two members of the band are from here. 

The band's sound according to their website: "Listening to Oh Whitney is like taking a ride through a wormhole. In one song, they harken back to the hard-hitting style of Led Zeppelin, speak to the likes of Wilco and The Black Keys, and still resonate a distinct sound all their own. In another tune, the band will subtly draw you into an elegiac acoustic number reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt or Fleet Foxes, before Oh Whitney itself goes electric, reinforcing its unique place in the aural landscape. Their unique sound and versatile recordings stereophonically surround you; from a harmony whispered in one ear to a loud guitar passing like a plane overhead, it’s hard not to lose yourself in their music."