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Showing posts from May 16, 2011

Arts Goggle Impressed

Spring Arts Goggle last weekend was hyper-local in an awesome way. I brought four girlfriends with me that had never been, and we all had a great time.

We got there about 5:30 p.m. and walked straight to the Wiener Man food truck for a snack. After all, we were going to be walking all night and needed fuel. All four of us thoroughly enjoyed our order. The crowd started to build and bands played on Magnolia as we ate our artisan hot dogs on a bench in front of Avoca.

Next we stopped at The Usual to wash our hands and grab a drink. (You must try the Jimador's Revenge or Moscow Mule cocktails.) When we stepped out 40 minutes later, the crowd multiplied and the scene was bustling on Magnolia.

After a few stops and distractions, we arrived to a kaleidoscope of booths filled with clothes, hand-shaped glass beads, drawings, paintings, doggie beds and vintage jewelry that dotted the closed-off street. Everything was affordable, which was so fun because we could actually purchase things.

I …