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Showing posts from April 12, 2011

New Fort Worth Restaurant Makes Sushi Simple

I just found a pocket-sized sushi restaurant that leaves behind all the pretentiousness and complexity of ordering and eating sushi.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm in the mood for the highfalutin experience. But if I ever want sushi simple, affordable and fast, I'm going to Temaki on Magnolia. 
That’s the owner’s intention. You don’t have to be sophisticated to get this place. There are five simple panels that hang over the cash register — sides ($3), classics ($5), temaki ($5), nigiri/sashimi ($5) and signatures ($9).
The temaki is my new favorite healthy thing to eat. It is a hand roll that reminds me of a Japanese soft taco-like treat. Brown rice, your fresh raw fish of choice and cucumbers are loosely rolled in this light seaweed thingy. Those of you who haven’t figured out chopsticks can pick this up with your hands.
The most brilliant part of this restaurant is that I had a complimentary appetizer of edamame, one brown rice California roll and the Temaki hand roll …

TCU Hosts Journalism Symposium

Some of us didn't get enough in college, so I appreciate it when a university lets me in to soak up a little more brain juice. Last week — the seventh annual journalism symposium hosted by TCU. I heard from several organizers it was the biggest hit of them all.

“This is one of the largest crowds we’ve ever had for the symposium,” moderator Bob Schieffer said as he pulled up his pant leg and flashed his new purple boots with TCU stitched in white leather. He had bought them at Lusky’s earlier that day. The full room roared with approval of his latest purchase.
Panelists included the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, founder of The Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington and FOX news’ senior political analyst, Brit Hume. Hot issues like Wall Street greed and the fate of journalism darted around the room like a boomerang.
Schieffer started the cordial quarrel. He said he’s never seen the government quite like it is right now. Hume came up to bat and said the …