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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bistro Louise ... and other fantastic brunch places

At my age (29) it is so difficult to get a group of girls together, so I've organized a brunch at Bistro Louise this Sunday with six of my good friends. And yes, I started rounding them up weeks ago to make sure it happened.

Why did I choose such an expensive place? Because it's worth every penny of the $27.95 they charge for the extravagant buffet. Here's why:

I went there a few weeks ago for the first time and it was the best brunch experience I've had in Fort Worth. I say "experience" because it's also about atmosphere and your convivial cohorts.

You start with the exotic and fresh, imported farm cheeses and hors d'oeuvres. After a plate of the rich and creamy cheese I felt like Meg Ryan in the movie French Kiss (it wasn't pretty). It truly was memorable because that cheese was so good. And the hors d'oeuvres include things like mushroom tarts, shrimp tostadas, asparagus ham and cheese strudels, spinach galettes and more. I managed to fit one of each on my plate, and then went back for more before I even hit the main course. As comedian Chris Rock would say, "it's the two plates of food I eat before I eat my food." Mr. Rock, how would I explain that to a Third World country?  Ugh. But it was so good.

If that's how the meal started, then I don't even need to tell you how good the rest was. But I will indulge so I can revel in the memory. The assortment of roasted chicken, quail and the tea-smoked duck were so tender they fell apart on my plate. She also had a chicken chilaquiles that melted in my mouth. The only other time I've had it this good was at Cochineal in Marfa, Texas (Cochineal's is the absolute best ... but more later on dining in Marfa).

Atmosphere is almost as important to me as the food, and this cozy cottage takes you out of Fort Worth and into another world. When you pull up to Bistro Louise it is a little off-putting that it's in a strip mall surrounded by mortgage-related companies. But when you enter the building it's another story.

After the brunch (a few days later): The price of the brunch did not include bottomless mimosas. They were $7 each. The food was good, but they kept running out of items this time around. I would have to keep checking in to see if they had something that looked good, thus I never got to try the crab cakes or the soufflé. The time with my friends was awesome. We laughed so loud telling old stories that I feared we would be asked to leave ... but we didn't.

(Click on name for brunch menu)
* Taverna
* Café Modern
* Jazz Café (byob)

Places I want to try for brunch that I've already tried other meals and were great!
* Cantina Laredo
* Tillman's
* Park Hill Café
* Fred's

Places I've never been to at all but want to try.
Cowtown Diner
* Cat City Grill

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