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Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming Soon: Swanky Bowling Lanes on 7th

Lucky Strike Lanes
I'm sure you've seen the Lucky Strike sign on 7th Street in Fort Worth for months. Boutique bowling? I believe so, and the voguish 10-lane upscale bowling lounge opened the first week of May! Forget all of your previous mental associations with bowling alleys. It even has a dress code. I'm intrigued, aren't you?

They always say the invitation sets the mood for the event — mine came for the ally's grand opening in digital format with pictures of attractive young people, pink martinis and club music that they probably haven't heard yet in Gizmo's Disco on West Camp Bowie.

I checked out their website for more info. The 5-page menu looks as hot as the people on their website. It's complete with gourmet burgers, pizzas, salads and small plates. Check it out by clicking here. It doesn't close until 2 a.m. on weekends and will have an outdoor patio. According to the website it has a four-lane private bowling suite for those of you who want your own piece of the bowling lounge.

I'll be covering the grand opening so stay tuned.

BLUE Sushi Sake Fort Worth: A Phenomenal Experience

Samurai Saketini
Part I: Happy Hour
The restaurant couldn't be more trendy. House/techno music booms vibrating the walls. Then again, I am in the Sake Bombers Lounge waiting for my girlfriends to meet me for dinner.

I quickly noticed the happy hour menu. All of their specialty martinis are $6. I tried one in the past called the Pink Grapefruit, which has grapefruit-infused vodka, triple sec, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a splash of cranberry juice. I asked for no sugar on the rim. It was good.

Tonight I wanted something less sweet, so I went with the Samurai Saketini. It was very refreshing. It reminded of a martini they would serve in a spa, if they served that stuff in spas. It has cucumber-infused vodka, unfiltered sake and fresh-squeezed limeade. This one was my favorite so far, but both were worth $6. They are just under $10 regular price.

Infused Vodkas
Blue's happy hour menu is pretty extensive. They have a whole selection of sushi rolls for $4.50, specialty nigiri for $4, and 14 reduced-priced items on their grill menu. Click here to check out their happy hour menu.

Part II: After 7 ... dinner
I moved out if the booming lounge and into the serene dining room. The music was quieter, which I appreciated. The waiters were some of the friendliest, professional and accommodating I've encountered. Both of my friends have food allergies, and the executive chef came out to discuss meal options. The staff were all so patient and sweet.

We started with ceviche with tai snapper, rock shrimp, cherry tomatoes, sweet onion and jalapeno salsa. It came with won ton crisps. I was delicious is on their happy hour menu.

Our waiter helped me decide what to get after I told him what I liked. I tried the black tuna, which was super white tuna sashimi marinated in black squid ink. It was amazing. The ink is salty and smoky, so the fish was full of flavor.

For dinner I tried the "hot popper" specialty maki. It had smoked salmon, jalapenos and cream cheese wrapped in rice and soy paper and topped with a spicy red sauce. Everything was so fresh.

I also loved watching the sun set while sitting in the trendy dining room because the walls are windows. The experience made for a great night out. I recommend.

Black Tuna with Spicy Tuna Roll
Hot Popper Maki