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Coffee Shop Review

Hi readers! I am working on a Fort Worth coffee shop review. Comment below, or email me ( to tell me all about your favorite coffee shop in Fort Worth. 
I will help get you started by listing a few local watering holes for the caffeine addict. 

Avoca: friendly, loud music, hipster, love the bright atmosphere, great coffee, purists, no toaster oven for their baked goods (just a toaster, which the bagel weenie doesn't fit in), fast internet, have milk alternatives*.Brewed:very friendly, business as mission, warm and inviting atmosphere, good coffee, expensive, music at reasonable volume, fast internet in bar area, food too expensive for what you're getting, have milk alternatives. Buon Giorno: strip center, fast internet, friendly, quiet, good coffee, not-so-good atmosphere, have milk alternatives. The Cup: amazing frozen hot chocolate, don't bring your messy toddler because the owner might say something, not-so-good atmosphere, expensive, great…

You don't have to have or be a little girl to see the Nutcracker

I don't care how cool or mature you think you are, you have a little kid inside of you that loves to play. If you don't, he or she has run off and you need to find them. 
Mine is hyper and needs fun things to do often, so naturally my sister and I gathered a group of willing grown kiddos to go see Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker at Bass Hall
We left the boyfriends, husbands and actual children at home. Before the show our group met at Del Frisco's Grille for some bar snacks and wine. It is always great to catch up with friends no matter the occasion. This is a Fort Worth event I recommend for everyone, except my husband, father, son and father-in-law. 
Parents who look at this like a burden you must endure year after year with your child, stop. The music is more sophisticated and beautiful than anything you will hear on your favorite top 40 station. They sell adult beverages if you need a little help with your restless leg syndrome, and the dancers with Texas Ballet Theate…