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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Fort Worth's Wiener Man!

1311 W. Magnolia Ave.
You can't miss him. He drives a bright yellow food truck with a happy wiener wearing shades painted on the side.

The mobile wiener truck sells ... wait for it ... wieners! But they're different from your usual hot dog stand offerings where you don't know what's in the mysterious meat log. This is all high quality stuff picked by the owner.

"We serve gourmet all beef hot dogs on fresh artisan bread and top it creatively with produce from local farmers markets," according to their website.

His schtick is hot dogs with quality options like artisan bread, quality meats, fresh toppings and vegetarian alternatives. He said he likes eggs in the bread so it has a little more density and flavor. They also have a gluten-free bread and leaner wiener options for all you lean weenies. (JK ... about being a weenie).

Who is this Wiener Man? He's a recent TCU psychology grad named Bryce Tomberlin. He said he's traveled all over California, New York and Europe taking notes on how street food is done. He may not have a degree from a culinary arts school, but this foodie has done his research.

Tomberlin said he uses thinner wieners to leave room for all of the flavorful toppings. He hopes this encourages people to get creative with their dogs and try the plethora of toppings offered. They have "gouda sauce", pico, slaw without mayonnaise, Portabella mushrooms, swiss cheese, jalapenos, raspberry jam and more.

The weenie mobile has only been open a few weeks and had a hard time finding a home until this week when Avoca owner, Garold LaRue, offered the parking spot in front of his coffee shop.Tomberlin said he was parked behind The Usual one night last week, wishing he was where people could notice his bright whimsical truck more. Not even an hour later LaRue walked up for a tasty treat and offered him the spot. Maybe this marriage was meant to be.

The place was closing as I walked up, so no dogs for me today. I wanted you to know to look for him on Magnolia and give it a try. I'll be back with a review, but the line at 2:30 p.m. tells me they're pretty delicious.

UPDATE: You must try the hot dog named "beat the yanks." It's got sour kraut, grilled onions and mustard and it's great! There's something about the artisan bun that adds a little more something. And that the meat isn't scary.

"I am the wiener man! All corn dogs must bow before me!" ~ wiener website.