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Another Weekend Road Trip I Would Recommend Again ... and Again

It's been a while since I've done a travel piece, but a few days ago I got to escape to my favorite weekend getaway — Fort Davis and Marfa, Texas. 

Sitting on the roof of the Indian Lodge, I look out through the valley of the Davis Mountains. It is quiet. The only thing I can hear is my fingers tapping my computer keys. I feel clean, raw, pure and more fully myself out here. I don’t know anybody, and nobody is expecting anything of me.
Wispy, high clouds brush the blue-gray, autumn sky. A cool breeze tickles my bare feet and lifts my hair. The sun slowly sets over the pale gold winter grass and mountains reflecting peach hues off the high clouds.
I love it here in West Texas.
Lunch earlier that day   For lunch we stopped at the Pizza Foundation in Marfa. It is some of the best pizza I’ve ever had — thin, chewy homemade crust, big slices and even bigger flavor.The cheese has so much flavor that I didn’t want to add salt, ranch or parmesan. I also ordered a Greek salad that was so…

A Lesson Learned from Ron Washington

I know the Rangers lost the World Series again, but failure is a part of life. It's especially a part of baseball. But some people can't live with failure. I was reading an article in Atlantic Monthly last week about how the Angels' pitcher, Donnie Moore, committed suicide because he couldn't accept his failure.

Finding this article seemed to confirm that failure was the theme for the week—at a dinner party I had last night, one friend said her New Year's resolution was to "fail more." She said if you don't fail then you aren't trying. Washington's failure got our team to the World Series not once, but twice two years in a row.

I'm posting this article about accepting failure by one of my favorite writers and a friend of mine, Michael Mooney. I think we all have something to learn from Washington and how he faces challenges in his life. After all, "he do what he do."

Ron Washington: He Do What He Do by Michael J. Mooney