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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charleston: Day One

Caviar and Bananas
It's only my first day in Charleston and I've already done some serious damage. Our first stop this morning was at a little one-stop gourmet market/cafĂ© called Caviar and Bananas. It's like a tiny specialized Central Market, and these foodies savor items from around the world. As long as it's extraordinary it has a home here. I hear their pimento cheese is out of this world. 

prepared goodies
Caviar and Bananas
Dips, Cheeses and Cured Meats

Next post will be about the famous Hominy Grill in downtown Charleston. I read Bon Appetit magazine cover to cover, and they've featured something from this restaurant twice in the last six months. We've also heard them mentioned on the Food Network. In touch...

Charleston, SC

I will be blogging from Charleston, South Carolina this week. I'm staying with some dear friends who know where to eat and what to do, so stay tuned. Things I plan to do this week:
1. eat
2. jog
3. eat
4. jog
5. eat
6. explore while jogging

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