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Showing posts from May 12, 2011

Lucky Strike Lanes Grand Opening Party

A colorful line of people traced the So7 building on West 7th Thursday evening.  All waiting to see Fort Worth's new oxymoronic bowling alley. It was the VIP Grand Opening of Lucky Strike Lanes.

A few wannabe Real Housewives of Fort Worth poured out of a rented black suburban complete with a driver and toting their husbands. They were quickly disappointed when they learned that all 100 people in line also had their name on the list.  They had to walk to the back but not without a fight.

In fact, the line was buzzing with disappointed people wondering what happened to their special status. "Didn't I get a VIP invitation? Don't I have my name on the list?" Newsflash: everyone in line was special.

One impatient young man approached a woman patrolling the red carpet. He said he was on the list and deserved to be moved to the front.

"Everybody in this line is on the list. Everybody is special tonight," said the annoyed staff member for many to hear. The oh-s…