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Hominy Grill

We arrive to Hominy Grill early to beat the lunch crowd and good thing we did — the wait at noon was 45 minutes.

The place was more low key than I imagined given it's mentioned in a national food magazine on a regular basis. It was quaint and fitting for a romantic southern town. The specials were written on a chalk board (side note: soup of the day ... tomato bacon), and the waitresses wore khaki shorts and tee shirts.

When the menu came I was already drooling. Things like the fried green tomatoes, grilled eggplant and herbed goat cheese sandwich, and the pecan-crusted porterhouse pork chop with spiced peach sauce had my taste buds running laps in my mouth. I knew what we had to do. Each of us ordered something different and we all got to taste something. Below are the heavenly items we got to sample.

That was the best pimento cheese I've ever tasted. I can't stop thinking about it. The ham was basically prosciutto, and I layered some of the pimento cheese spread on the toa…