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Friday, May 20, 2011

An Exploratory Jog Through Charleston ... and sights I saw along the way

I heard one time that the best way to travel is to do what you love to do at home in the new city you're exploring. So I eat and jog. My adrenaline is up, my mind is sharp, and it's much quicker to get around when I jog. I also feel that I absorb more around me when alone, so this is a great way to discover new territory before the rest of your crew gets moving for the day. 

This morning I wanted to explore the tiny peninsula that is Charleston. I also wanted to see water because oceans make me happy. Below is a description of my route to give you an idea. 

I jogged down the west shore to the Ashley River and traced the edge of the water back up the east side of the peninsula that faces the Atlantic. I then jogged Broad Street across the peninsula back to where I started. I didn't have a definite course mapped out — I just went for it. Below are some sights I saw along the way.

Cool flowers that look like fireworks. Hydrangeas light up almost every home in this moist environment.  

Cool old homes. 

The most glamorous driveway I've ever encountered. Nice garden!

Cool really old home

Once I made it to the edge of town I encountered water. I wanted to leap onto that sailboat and blow around the Atlantic all morning. 

Jogging along the peninsula's edge.

The morning sun. 

Old cobblestone road on the East Battery. 

This is a beautiful pier where people sat on the end and fished. 

I stumbled upon Broad Street, which is filled with neat stores and restaurants. 

"Home of Doctor John Lining who made the first systematic weather observations with weather instruments in America, January 1738 - February 1753." Before independence! 

Cathedral of St John the Baptist
This Catholic church on Broad Street was established  in 1821. 

A carriage ride through town.

Jogging through the College of Charleston campus. It truly is beautiful, and I love the Spanish moss that drapes all of the trees. My friend told me this building was in Mel Gibson's film The Patriot

College of Charleston campus.

More beautiful flowers. They really are everywhere!

College of Charleston campus.

College of Charleston campus.

Isle of Palms, SC